7 Jan 2018

When Z. was about 3 months old and still napping few times a day (today feels like it was thousand times) I had enough time to bake, cook, go for a stroll together, clean house, do a laundry of cloth nappies and what was more surf so much on instagram.
One day I was looking at one of my favourite Polish kids brand Coodo. I think they influenced my taste so much when I was pregnant I fell in love in all the other colours to pink especially mustard and grey. I was checking few flat-lays or something similar on their instagram and suddenly I noticed a pile of cloths which home was in Dublin. Without a blink I clicked and checked out who was a very same big fan of Coodo. And I got lost. Her feed was just unbelievable. Last photo was about her tiny daughter, two months older than Z. who just got an Irish passport. Not to mention my girl got hers a week before. I was digging and digging. Her husband loved vinyl records and they were regular visitors on flea markets. She cooked and had few amazing food photos. She was living slowly enjoying every second of her motherhood. And she was a mum. And mother. Also her name was Marta. I was looking in my head any memory if we ever met. We probably passed by each other in corridors and halls, our hands were touching same door handles, furnitures, records. But we never met. I did not think longer. I felt a little bit lonely as a new mum and I did not have any friends whose child was in same age. Maybe that was a chance?
We met few days after in real life. We both baby-wore our girls. Z. Was tiny sleepy tot and her new friend could already sit and she was so interested in the world. Every time when we met I was amazed by little T. And could only imagine Z. in next few months. We were exchanging our experiences. And overall I felt like we knew each other for million of years. Every single thing was so familiar at some stage became funny and scary! We spent together St. Stephens day and New Years Eve. That was a challenge with two few months old girls. But we were both so determined mums with so many tricks we could party, have fun and spent such a quality time.
When I came back to work and had my little depression she was the first who knew about it. I was not very sociable and chatty person at that time and if you would meet me probably we would not become friends. I let go so many things at that time. But Marta did not let me go. She was just beside and I always felt her supportive hand on my arm.
Today our daughters are over a year old. And today Marta and her little family are leaving Ireland and coming back to Poland. In that very moment I am crying like a baby. In same time having a big smile and so many good thoughts!
Hundred memories in my head and in Z.’s even she will never remember it. If I could ever have a sister she would be like her. I am so glad I have her in my life and I am grateful for all technology and traditional post. After all those years I am just afraid of loosing her as I lost so many friends just being in far distance of each other.
I hope we never forget and our ways will cross again and again. Marta I will miss you so much!

You can check Marta's blog here: & mother

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