16 Oct 2017

Today is a duvet day for most of people in Ireland. On the other side of our windows strong lady hurricane with lovely name Ophelia is passing by. We stay very calm inside. Humble looking what is going on. Z. fall asleep over an hour ago. Recently she has one nap around noon, sometimes second short on late afternoon. But it just depends on her mood...

Sometimes I feel so bad, because I have never had any particular times for naps, meals and snacks. It actually did not work. I know Z. and her nanny has their own routine which works most of the week, but when we spend time together it is totally different. We try just to be together and next to each other. She get her breakfast with us and is usually same as ours just without salt and sugar: porridge, pancakes, scrambled eggs, shakshuka, variations with eggs and avocados. Usually she will try it, sometimes will dig into and eat like a little piggy, other day will just touch it and rather ask for breast. I asked myself so many times if that is normal and tried to trust my instinct. Eventually I decided to let it go. She miss us all week and I believe when we are together she just want to catch up, have some extra cuddles and milk every time she wants. So she does. It is frustrating especially when I will cook for her something special like healthy baby soup or super food muffin and she will not even touch it. More to say she is not a big fan of defrosted food or any leftovers from day before. If one day she loves curry for dinner probably she will not eat any leftovers for lunch. 
The only way I can make her eat is BLW. We introduce solids half year ago this method, but I never forced her to eat only this way. She tried everything. Spoon feeding and mashy purees also. And yes she likes those, but only when feeding by nanny. With us she wants mostly to have fun and eat by herself. Obviously making a little mess around. But she eats everything! Has broccoli, pumpkin or spinach days and most of our holidays in Sicily she ate delicious tomatoes. But I am not surprised as I loved them myself so much! 
I got few books about BLW and they were helpful, but mostly on the beginning, when I was not sure how should we start. Every bigger bite of banana made me thrilled as I nearly saw her choking. I had few scary situations, but I trusted to my baby, her instincts and first aid course for parents which I had done even before she was born. Nothing anyway happened and BLW was always very safe and great fun for us. 
Did Z. changed our menu? Not as much as I supposed. We always tried to eat healthy so we just go on! Being working parent means for us we are very busy and try to make something from scratch which is quick and wholesome. We add salt to our meals just at the end, on our plates, but I must say we sometimes forget! When in our tiredness we just cook super processed and frozen I make her quick avocado salad and I know she gets all nutritious which she needs. Or sometimes I use up some organic baby food sachets stash, but I know she would prefer avocado! Or if something will go wrong, she will be too tired, too fussy there is always a solution for us. Or even two!

The wind just has blown stronger, she opened one eye, looked at me, turned her head towards and stayed on breast. Lucky us we can spend this cuddly day in bed.

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