5 Jan 2017

Mum&baby venue guide

Shopping, shopping, shopping. Sometimes I am afraid wintertime is all about that. First - before Christmas thousands of pilgrims buy presents. And then in January - trips and travels to sales destinations. I visited few shops in those times, but did not get crazy about buying. I just hate crowds, queues, battles over a pair of trousers or striving to changing rooms. And as a breastfeeding mother I get hungry so fast! So thanks God for spots just in the middle of crazy aisles.

Kilkenny Shop Cafe & Restaurant

15 Nassau St, D2

Opening hours:
Mon-Sat 8:30 - 17
Sun 10-17

Well-known place to buy Christmas tree decorations, Orla Kiely's bags, Irish crafts or just souvenirs. Did you know upstairs you can get a cup of coffee and lunch? Oh well! Not only those! They do Irish breakfast, brunch with live jazz music on weekend, hot and cold lunches, but they also have great selection of cakes, scones, pastries. They are always busy, so especially in December is hard to get a table, but if you will you won't regret. Affordable prices. Good old Irish cuisine with a twist and old fashion darker roast of coffee. It is not my favorite, but a mug of steamy filter and a plate with breakfast goodies never disappointed. They do not have a lift and stairs are rather significant barrier. But there is always a security guy next to the door ready to help. Who would not give a hand with buggy? Upstairs you will find roughly 10 high chairs, changing facilities. They will help you with baby food and if your toddler is into toasties they are ready to make you special sandwich. Staff is very nice, so let them help you with a tray. Seating area has small and bigger family tables and if your little one will fall asleep you can just watch through big window life passing by or just stare at Trinity College. Definitely worth a visit after shopping expedition!

Third Space Smithfield

14, 7 Smithfield
Arran Quay

Opening hours:
Mon-Fri 7:30 - 19
Sat-Sun 9-15

I got there actually totally by accident. And I was quite surprised! It is a place of decent tuna panini, which reminds me time when I moved into Dublin. There is good selection of homemade salads, sandwiches and frittatas. Humble fast food. Inexpensive and very simple. Coffee from Badger and Dodo seems to be also well prepared. But the most important is the space. Quite enough room between tables gives chance to squeeze buggy. No lie, when I was there I think I saw at least three mothers. They have changing unit in toilet, few high chairs. And huge shelving with enormous amounts of books! So just imagine - good toasted sandwich, hot cuppa, sleeping baby and book of your choice. Sounds like home! It is fast paced environment, but I bet you can find a little sanctuary for yourself.

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