6 Dec 2016

One of my passions is good coffee, which I got from my husband, and food. With food is a long story as even at my family home we always liked to cook. My dad every summer made preserves: jams, jellies, marmalades, cornichons and much more, his imagination never stop! And my mum cooked every day for us. She taught me how to make sponge cake when I was 5 or 6 years old and I was able to make surprise birthday cakes when I was just 8. I had my own cook book with Winnie the Pooh and tried so many recipes from there. 
Now I am in love with few chefs, Jamie Oliver and Yottam Ottolenghi are my tops. And I love to go out and eat. Try new tastes, new cuisines. Every trip has its own trail in cafes and restaurants. Has it changed since I became a mother? Well I do not drink as I breastfeed, but I miss only cold glass of white wine in summertime and a mug of mulled wine in wintertime. We go out mostly for lunches, coffees but I do not see any reason why we can not eat also dinner. And it happen few times, obviously not at 9 o'clock as Z. is at that time bathed and ready to sleep. But going to any venue with baby means that every mum will choose convenient place. So let me introduce my little...

Mum&baby venue guide

First Draft Coffee 

3 Curved St, Dublin
Opening hours:
mon-fri 10-17
sat 11-16
sun closed

Secretly hidden cafe on first floor in Filmbase in Temple Bar Dublin 2. That makes quiet and relaxing atmosphere far away from crowdy streets and running people. It is run by Ger, lovely guy, who will always make you feel special and the most important person in the world: his customer. If you do not know anything about speciality coffee, how to taste it, how to extract and find all beautiful fruity notes here is the guy! I drunk many times absolutely stunning cuppa there made with The Barn beans so I guarantee you will not regret a visit. If you are hungry they have simple and short menu: homemade soup, sandwiches. And if you are sweet tooth like me try wild flour bakery goodies. Lovely small cakes in many flavors which combinations sometimes are a bit strange, but believe me they will change your thinking about a treat. And if you are a tea drinker they also have few types of teas and herbals. 
Place is very spacious. Few tables beside huge window, big table for groups, friends or family in the middle and every cosy space with armchairs. Delicate light, raw concrete look and few Spathiphyllum plants give this spot unbelievable warmth. Or maybe it just people. 
So you can easily find comfort space to breastfeed and enough room to park your buggy. Even cafe is not on ground floor you can get there easy with lift. Also there is a changing unit in toilet for disabled. Unfortunately they do not have high chairs, but will offer you a bowl with boiling water to heat up your bottle or baby food. Must visit and recently my number one for long cheat chats with friends. 

The Fumbally 


Fumbally Ln,
Merchants Quay,
Dublin 8
Opening hours:
tue, thu, fri 8-17
wed 8-17 and 19.30-21
sat 10-17
sun, mon closed

Fumbally can be loved or hated. But well, most of people love the spot! That makes them so busy during lunch time and on Saturdays! So if you like queueing that is perfect time for you. But even there is busy the atmosphere is always like in good friend's house. Controlled mess, collection of vintage furnitures, books, posters, "All sorrows are less with bread" by Don Quixote written on black board and actually huge basket of bread makes that place so friendly. Open kitchen invite you to be a witness of the show of natural and intriguing flavors. They do almost everything themselves! Dairy free cappuccino? - here you go: sunflower seeds milk on espresso made with 3fe or The Barn beans. They control milk waste and baristas' leftovers are process into homemade ricotta. How clever is that?! Food is seasonal and organic. Definitely it is one of my top taste inspiration! You have to try their falafel. So simple! So delicious! It will not be a lie when I say I just love there every bite of everything and in reasonable prices. Also it is spacious for buggy, but you will notice probably more baby wearing parents than anywhere else. A minus is few steep stairs on entrance, but someone always will give you hand. Changing unit in toilet. Just ask them to heat up baby food and if you run out of snack for your little grab a piece of bread for tiny hands - it is much healthier than any baby cookies! If you have never been there yet, it is a must! 


Considered Cafe 

35-36 Drury Street 
Dublin 2
Opening hours:
mon-wed, fri 8.30-18
thu 8.30-19
sat 10-18
sun 12-17

For me it is a place for tea and scone (3.50 deal!). Great selection of Matthew Algie caffeinated and herbal infusions will make your cold morning better: organic roiboos with honey (jut ask!), apple loves mint, red berry mix- yumm! Huge scones are homemade and my favorite - full of raspberries. But be quick, sometimes they are gone before 11 am. For lunch they serve homemade sandwiches and hearty soups. And again in great price. Try now turkey sandwich, it is just the right time to taste that delicious combination of stuffing, meat and cranberries. 
Place have plenty of seats, as they just refurbished, but I try to avoid it between 1-2pm, as it is very busy and loudly. There is not much space for buggy, but if you do not need it beside you, ask staff and they will help you to park in corridor. Changing unit in ladies upstairs. They have one high chair so be quick to grab it before other mum. They can offer you bowl of boiling water to heat up baby food. If you have any special orders for older children like cheese tostie or babycino that is the place to make your little ones happy! When leaving do not forget to grab little gift to feel up your Xmas stocking, they have great selection of knick-knacks designed by Helen James in collaboration with Dunnes Stores. 

Hope you will like the idea of my guide and it will be helpful for all mums who are concern where to go for a coffee to feel comfortable like at home. If you have your favorite places let me know! I will check them soon! 

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