30 Nov 2016

Out and about. I love that name. There is no such a thing in Polish language. Did I mentioned our first walk with buggy was actually a walk from hospital to home?

After a proper rest I was just so proud of myself, my baby and my husband (whole family!) I wanted to get out as soon as possible! And I checked few websites. Some of them were strict we should wait two weeks and first put baby outside in a buggy next to window, in a garden or on a balcony. And thankfully some of them says there is no reason to wait as far baby and mother feel comfortable. Well after natural birth "comfortable" meant for me not too fast and not too long distance. I did not wear Z. until I felt confident, so on the beginning daddy cuddle her under his beard. 

So we went for a short walk and little shopping to organic market nearby on very next day when we came back home. It was beginning of autumn, as I remember 15 degrees and cloudy sky. And we wanted to try baby wearing! So we put up our stretchy wrap as we learned with a teddy bear and were ready to put baby inside. She was tiny and sleeping all the time during that walk. And we were obviously like all parents terrified! Is she warm enough, comfortable, is the posture good? Thousands of questions and one million strokes of her sweet face, the only part which could have been seen.

Next day there was a Pregnancy and Baby Fair and I could not miss that! So there we had first ride in a car. And again to the sling! Z. was 3 days old and no doubts she was the youngest on the show! There was a crowd and after some time I almost blame myself for all germs which were for sure in the air. Thanks to breastfeeding and my great immune system! That was also my first time of feeding in public. Quite early if I think so.

Babywearing. I still feel like a target for other mothers. How you can squeeze your baby, hang it in front and dangle just like that? Well yes I can!

Carrying a baby in arms is natural atavism, well known as primitive behavior, has its roots in early human culture, which allowed to survive and spread our species. Just look at people still living in tribes - that is what they do! They do not have buggies, cars and car seats! They wear their babies.

All those women looking at me strangely can call me a primitive human. Yes please! No I do not do voodoo and do not drink my period blood! But I am wise woman who apart of having a baby has also life. And two free hands! Other benefits? We are close to each other which does not mean only calm baby but also warm and cosy environment. Believe me she is like small heater. And vice versa! No need to put five layers of clothes. Our stretchy wrap is already like three. Also usually I put on bigger sweater or jacket and if it will be windy I can just wrap her in another layer. And if it will be raining? Emergency umbrella will be perfect. I do not need those plastic bags which you have to wrap over a buggy and they take ¾ of storage. Happy days! Instead all my stuff is on my back in bag! Z. just sleeps. And she goes on until she will be too hot or starving. My movement is like magic and heartbeat - the best lullaby! How about posture? It is totally natural! For spine especially in first months and for hips! When she was spitting up a lot in the time where her digestive system was not mature enough upright position was the only comfortable. It probably also reduce colics. I am not an expert as we never experienced one.

For me is mostly convenience. I can jump to a grocery when I forget anything. And all prep will take about few minutes. It is also great when we are going for shopping. Not every spot has a lift and even if there is it is usually so busy and takes so much time to get in with buggy! Quick lunch in busy cafe? Here you go! Easy access to bus? Yep!
Does it mean we have never used our buggy? Not at all! We have two wraps: stretchy one Polish branded Poofi and wooven Lenny Lamb, also Polish but well known also on US ank UK market. We use mostly Poofi for now. Z. is 8 weeks and it is easier, faster, cozier and we feel more confident. But once she will be bigger, no doubts we will use Lenny Lamb and all more complicated tied configurations.

Our travel system includes car seat: Cybex Aton and Joolz Earth buggy. What can I say about car seat? You know rules: needs to be safe, new for new baby, can not be mostly used with buggy base (well the name- car seat means something ! So babies should not be in car seat in shopping centre or on walk! ) and baby must not be placed into with e.i. winter jacket. Car seat is to protect your baby in case of an accident.

Our buggy? It is just amazing! I love design, leather details, beautiful unisex elephant grey color, which is for me something between grey, khaki and olive. I can push it with one finger. Literally! I did tried! It is light, fits to our trunk easily also can be stored upright. And it has two options - a cot or seat. Obviously at the moment we use cot. Is slightly longer than other brands, high enough, so you do not have to bend to take baby out. As I know seat option can be used as high chair - handy in restaurant! Adjustable handle - important for my taller husband. For me storage space is just enough. Some people complain the bag is small or lower storage too compact. But I have also mummy hook attached and cupholder for coffee so I can fit everything what is necessary for me.

I try to walk a lot with Z. Irish autumn was this year very mild. And even today when December is just about to begin we had such a beautiful sunny day! So being out is a must! And when we are cold or just need cosy space for feeding we usually stop in one of Dublin's cafes, which very often are adapted to mums and babies needs. Which ones? Let's wait for new post. I will find out for you! 

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