11 Nov 2016

My hospital stay was quite short. I was a bit afraid of that as I did not choose private care, so I could not be by myself in room. We were down from delivery ward at 4 pm. Three hours took to give a birth to placenta, make some stitches, to hug my baby skin-to-skin and eventually to get tea and toasts. And believe me that was the best tea with milk and the most delicious toast with raspberry jam and marmalade (with sugar!) which I have ever had. Baby Z. was weighted, measured, she was given vitamin K and at the end dressed in our baby grow, hat and wrapped up in blanket. She was like a small christmas present!
My husband was all the time with us. Well with a small break! I decided at the end of my pregnancy I wanted to keep my placenta and encapsulate it. So someone had to take it home and that was obviously him.
It may sound for you disgusting, for me it was so natural that my only concern was just price. I have read many articles and opinions. I watched also interesting BBC documentary: Childbirth all or nothing , which shows 4 different ways of giving a birth. Some of them were for me kind of extreme, but I am far away from judging anyone. There was no way there I would follow in 100%, but actually this short film just convinced me in my decisions. I had that luck my pregnancy yoga teacher, Gail is also an expert in placenta encapsulation. So when I came for the first yoga class and found out she can prepare my placenta I was sure I would go for it.
All signs on earth tried to directed my thoughts to that. There was even recently an article in Irish Times  about benefits of placenta consuming. You can find there all basic information, which you may be interested in. I just want to tell you how it was for me even I can not compare it.
If you have doubts, are totally against that practice or just disgust, please do not read it.

I got all instructions from Gail how we should transport and store the placenta. It was simple. I was also given a form by hospital as they had to ensure I was decided to dispose placenta by myself.
After delivery placenta is always examined by midwife as it is important to make sure whole tissue was excreted and nothing left in womb as later it may cause bleeding. In 30 minutes placenta should be kept in cold place. It may be in cooler bag full of ice or just in fridge. As we live 3 minutes from hospital there was not big effort to take it home and just store it in fridge. My husband made then all arrangement and Gail collected placenta day after. All process of encapsulation is long, as tissue has to be dehydrated, powdered and than placed in those small capsules. I got a small jar of about hundred capsules just on the day when we were going back home.
So what about those two days? I was afraid of my hormones. I just wanted to enjoy beginning of new life so I asked Gail to separate three small raw pieces of placenta and they were made into smoothie. It sounds disgusting I know. But it was blended with berries and honestly it tasted just like regular berry smoothie. It was just full of iron and even if it was only a placebo, I just did felt good.
I did not suffer of any baby blues. I was crying, but all my tears were just like "Oh my God she is just so beautiful!".
I did not any problem with my milk supply. I did not loose my hair and they were not even thiner, weaker or so after - still long and well kept. My body has been healing very well. I was out after just few days. In a week I walked as usual. After 6 weeks of taking capsules I feel just normal and I am back in my shape with few kilos over my usual weight.
I do not know if I am just so healthy that my body and mind recovered rapidly or it really was the placenta. I can just say every autumn and winter I suffer from lack of sun and I am more like a bear - can sleep through those seasons. I am liable to my moods, seasons, weather, my cycles, hormones and, I believe, many others. But now I am just fine. Happy. And as a mammal I would recommend to my friend breastfeeding and consuming a placenta. It is for me part of nature and part of motherhood.

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