18 Oct 2016

When I lived in Poland I was against all celebrations which weren't typically our tradition. I have never given sweets to little Poles on Halloween. Nope. It was for me just ridiculous. Kids seeking one day for treat and another going to light up a candle on family's graves. Maybe this is a patriotism which I follow? My question considering any behavior of children was always same - where are parents? Those adults who should teach their little ones traditions and give them a full background of what is going on every year and why. The question sticked up to me and I still do ask very often about that. I moved out Poland and moved in to Ireland. A place where Halloween has a great tradition and the place, where those celebrations are just where they should be. So am I hypocritical when with delight filling up their bags with sweets?
I would never also celebrate a baby shower if I would be pregnant in Poland. We do have rather tradition or superstition to not buy anything while expecting. Which for me it is a bit old-fashioned. So again, I am, where I am and baby shower is a big deal here! 
I did not even think about organizing one. Did I ever said  I have been blessed with the best husband on the earth? So I am saying. Secretly he, some of my friends and colleagues did amazing baby shower Sunday afternoon. Maybe it was not fancy like on blogs with house full of flowers' garlands. But there was thousands of balloons blown by real lungs, huge lilies bouquet, plates full of sugar-free bakes, de-alcoholised red wine and bunch of ladies, so two men who were just loudly screaming on me "SURPRISE". Sounds like movie scenario! And no doubts - all of us ladies even if it is like a daub, from time to time dreams of surprise parties, breakfasts in bed, sunsets over romantic beaches, glasses of wine beside a fireplace and big hairy cuddly arm. That's who we are. 
I had a principle when I found out we will have a little girl: NO PINK. It is not about I do not like it. I am just an enemy of boys/girls colors definition. So there was also a practical side: if the little girl accidentally would appear as little boy, no harm! 
By the way I saw recently smart 8 years old girl debating about boys/girls clothes. See it below - you won't regret! And I totally agree with her! 

When I was a teenager I bought my first pink sleeveless shirt and I called that in my mind an alternative pink. I just did not want to feel that someone just determined my sex. I wanted to fell like a girl or even young woman, but just not through color or cute cloth. I wanted to be perceived as them just through who I was. 
So I wanted the same for my little. But the party was never for me a big shower of gifts, however everybody brought even little un-pink present. For me it was the most peaceful moment, a bit crazy, when everyone could lie down a hand on my bump and feel her little kicks and wriggles. That was it. At this very moment my closest world truly knew she existed inside. She was like imaginable picture, similar to those from scans, who was not only loved by her future mum and dad, but was admired by all few palms catching her movements. I do care and appreciate so much who could make and be with me at that moment, as it was magical and very emotional, but at same time I do not care and don't regret anyone who did not want to come. I am not sure if baby showers are for mums or for babies. I did got few tips and advises, but today I can just say all that matters what was and still is a support from those who called in at the Sunday and my faith in maternal (and very often paternal) instinct over all tips which I have heard or read. And the most pleasant thing now is to wrap up little Z. in the towel or cuddle with little safe-belt-rabbits in her car seat she was given at that day and send photos to our lovely donors! Here you are :)

And now I am looking forward to make some Jack-o'-lanterns to show kids from our neighborhood that "yes we do have sweets" and to little Z. an Irish tradition. On Polish following All Saints and All Souls days we will light up candles and send our thoughts to all those in heaven. We do live here and we do remember about our origins. That's our sought golden mean.

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