24 Aug 2016

I think it is always a surprise. Even if you have read all about pregnancy and you feel such a big desire to become a mum. Let’s try. That’s always the best part.
We’d been trying for few months. And desire of both of us – me and my husband was just great. Even I found our bed life always as it best if I would not have a clue how actually make a baby, not only love, I would quit. Probably with loudly fight as all women sometimes do.
First I became more aware of my body. We all are, but not always on the same level. I remember every single class from my mum about bees, at school when they gave us samples of towels and small calendars and even family planning classes, which we attended before we got married. But who really needs to know about differences with your discharge, morning temperatures of your body at that stage?
I remind myself those not when I wanted to get pregnant but totally opposite, when we weren’t still ready for a child. Natural conception method can fail, that is true. I have tried that and after a year or so of checking my morning temperatures, observing everyday my discharge and just watching all my carvings, PMS acting I had in my mind I knew myself quite well. There is plenty of guides which you can find online. I have used Kindara app as it is pretty easy, just on hand on my phone and you can always check with community and experts all your concerns. It is not only of having or not baby, but also just about of health. Who did not have big feast of yeast or other bacterial party down there after a flu and good love making? But if you just watch all symptoms you will know what to do.
Conceiving is not easy. Not only because you need to choose the right day and time, but first of all you do not want sex being overwhelming for you or your partner. It is a great fun to do this, and that, and tomorrow, and day after and on the evening and again, but at some stage I thought I just wanted to sit with my bottom down on couch, have a cuddle and watch any movie without love scenes. It is like a race with nature. If you won’t do this again you will loose whole month. And how many months you really want to spend like that?
And then we talked a lot and we did not feel any pressure. Understanding was the most important thing not just every day but also every night. We still had been taking some vitamins and folic acid, watched closer end of my cycles and even though I got my periods as usual we always found symptoms I was pregnant. I used some ovulation strips just to find when is the magic o-day. We ate as usual, had fun and a great sex like always.
And then surprise. We tried both and we made a decision both, so why we should hold on each other with any announcement. And now we could not believe there was few or even few thousand cells in my tiny tummy, which just have started a new life.

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